57.7 features seven pendants suspended from a brass canopy. This piece is designed to occupy a horizontal plane that deviates from its gravitational directive. Pendants can be hung from any number of optional swag points mounted away from the canopy.

bocci producut-16

57 is a white and clear blown-glass pendant dipped in coloured glass, housing either a low-voltage LED or a replaceable and dimmable proprietary LED lamp. By virtue of the fabrication process, each 57 is completely unique from any other piece ever produced. Individual 57 pendants have a strong spatial presence that grows exponentially when clustered in cloud-like formations.


Canopy Options

Cluster Canopy

The round, white or brass, canopy is 8" / 203 mm in diameter, and 1.6" / 40 mm deep.

Round Canopy

The round, white or brass, canopy is 6" / 152 mm in diameter and 1.3" / 32 mm deep.

Download Specs and Installation