22.6.4L – Double 20A long barrel alternate assembly

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22.6.4L – Double 20A long barrel alternate assembly


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The 22.6.4L contains One 22.3.8L (20A TR long barrel outlets) + One 22.2.4 (double linear alternate backplate).

The barrel on these outlets is 1″ / 25 mm longer than the 22.6.4 outlets for installations behind millwork, concrete or other rigid materials. The plate is meant to be mounted 1.2″ / 31 mm behind the facing material. 22.2 is a departure from conventional cover plate systems and requires precise and skilled craftsmanship during installation. UL approved.

22.1L removal tool is required and sold separately.

Specifications can be found here.

Alternate assembly selection guide can be found here.


Please allow 1-2 business days of production time prior to shipping on all orders.