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The 14.1m has 3 canopy options, visible in the gallery images, or here:

Please note, all of the 14.1m options do not attach directly to a junction box and the transformers must be remote mounted.

Each pendant comes with either a 10-watt xenon or 1.5-watt LED lamp (requested at the time of ordering) and a transformer.

Xenon: 1 transformer is sent for every 4 pendants unless otherwise requested in the order notes.

LED: For orders of more than 8 LED pendants, please specify in the order notes if you would like them to dim and one dimmable driver will be sent. Otherwise one transformer per pendant will be included.


14.1m mini canopy specifications

14.1mi mini innie canopy specifications

14.1mo mini outie canopy specifications

For more Technical Specifications and Design Resources please visit here: https://www.bocci.ca/14-series/resources/


Please allow 3-5 business days of production time prior to shipping on all orders.